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World Record Whitetail Deer

The whitetail deer is common throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, as well as Central and South America. Generally they are medium-sized animals, but one can find amongst the species some record breaking trophy whitetails, that average around 400-450 pounds in weight. These big boys can usually be found in the temperate regions of North America. They have various habitat including: parkland and isolated grassy areas, deciduous corridors of vegetation, mixed forests, creek bottoms and other wetland areas.

Trophy hunters constantly seek out the largest beasts hoping to bag a whitetail deer trophy which is always a much sought after "present" in the hunting fraternity. Although they are not migratory and stay in a smallish territory, hunting them is a really challenging activity as they usually position themselves in elevated spots. These big animals are usually older deer which have not reached such an age by succumbing to usual hunting tactics, therefore a different approach might be required.

The whitetails have a keen sense of smell and studies have identified that they can actually detect human scent for several days, so stalking is not really an option. The trophy whitetails are loners and wise creatures, able to recognize danger in an instant - they will lay low for long periods, unlike their smaller cousins who will usually make a run for it. If you are fortunate to locate one without disturbing it, then you probably only have one shot, be that with a rifle, bow, muzzleloader or whatever weapon is your preferred choice. They have two feeding times in any one day, namely dawn and dusk, feasting on a variety of food sorts such as: grass, berries, fruit, corn and beans; these are the times when they are most vulnerable.

For those chasing records there is a need to be aware of the Boone and Crockett Club, who have a special judging panel to act as the governing body and adjudicator of any potential new record. They have a points system that ensures fair play and consequently it is them and only them that can verify a world record whitetail deer trophy. This was the case in September 2003 when 15 year old Tony Lovstuen took out an enormous non-typical whitetail with a muzzleloader in Monroe County, Iowa and qualified for the biggest whitetail rack ever recorded.
Carl Lenander Jr. earned himself one of the whitetail deer records way back in 1926 when, with a single shot, he accounted for the heaviest whitetail that has ever been recorded. This monster of a deer weighed a massive 402 pounds, with an estimated live weight of an incredible 511 pounds. The event that took place in Minnesota remains one of the state's claims to fame, earning it legendary status amongst the local citizens.

In 1981 a whitetail was found dead at a roadside in northern St Louis County. No bullet holes were discovered so the assumption was that it had been struck by a truck or something similar. However, when measurements were taken it transpired that this was indeed the biggest whitetail ever recorded. Anybody wishing to view the head of this magnificent creature need only pay a visit to Missouri where it is permanently on display, to the obvious pride of its residents.

The record season harvests were recorded in the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Texas, but they certainly are not exclusive to these places. The whitetails remain one of the most popular game animals, partly for the challenge they present, but also for the kudos that comes with bringing one down.

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