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Whitetail Hunting Tactics

There are many whitetail deer hunting techniques out there, you just have to use the one that fits you the best. In this article we will present some of the most efficient techniques used for this particular type of hunting. Many hunters use only one or two of these while others start a hunting season using one technique which they change during the entire whitetail season, the choice is totally up to you.

Stands Technique - this is one of the most popular hunting techniques used in the world because the hunter is above the line of sight of a deer, so he is "safe". By using this procedure, the hunter's scent will be way more dispersed the higher the hunter is positioned off the ground. Usually, when hunters use this method, they wear more camouflage because the branches and tree limbs will break up a hunter's silhouette against the sky, even the leaves will do that. Most of the guided hunts are done using this procedure. There are many types of stands that one can use: portable stands, ladder stands, tripods, self-made stands, climbing stands etc.

Blinds Technique - this is another deer hunting technique very popular among hunters (especially during the archery season) mainly because they are light, offer some protection from the elements and can be easily transported. Easy to camouflage and erect, some of these products also offer scent control, a crucial element when it comes to whitetail deer hunting. With this method you will hunt from ground blinds, blinds that come in various forms and shapes: natural blinds (brush/deadfalls), pop-up blind etc.

Stay Still Technique - still hunting can be used as an alternative to the above mentioned techniques. Camouflage is crucial when using this method so if you plan on using it, get clothes that blend with the environment. Basically, with this method the hunter finds a good spot (preferably by a game trail or a feeding area with a tree or a large rock) and just waits until the animal comes into the shooting range. A hunter must always take into consideration the wind direction and should be facing the wind when using this procedure. One must slowly, in a very quiet manner, covering very little ground, with the wind in the face and the sun in the back.

Deer Drive Technique - the last technique that we will present is the deer drive technique. In this procedure, two or more hunters try to move or push the animals into the other hunter's shooting range. It works very well when a deer has to go through a specific tunnel area where a hunter is waiting. Using this method, the making of noise also lets the hunters on stand know where the others are positioned. Be careful when using this method as some hunting regulations must be followed.
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