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Whitetail Deer Decoys

Two methods are available for using whitetail deer decoys to attract a mature deer into the hunter's shooting range. The first method is to set up a doe decoy during the high time of breeding because this is the time when a great part of the does are staying as far as possible from the open areas (in these locations the animals are harassed on a daily basis). During these periods it is possible that your decoy will actually be the only "doe" in sight when a real buck moves away from the cover in which he was safe, so that he could take a look around and see what is happening.

You should know that whitetail deer decoys aren't used only during the peak rut as these decoys can be employed earlier in the hunting season as well, when the whitetails are busy resolving their dominance issues. A few days before the does start coming into estrus, placing a buck decoy along with grunting/rattling will greatly improve your hunting efficiency.

Using decoys that have no movement isn't recommended as they can send a "message" to the real whitetails that something is wrong (like an alarm signal) and they will become very careful. Purchasing products with mechanical tails that flicker at a pre-established interval (8 seconds, 16 seconds etc.) is a good option as they give a real look and are more efficient. These decoys can also be used by presiding them up against a tree so that they give the look of the trailing end of a deer. To put it briefly, when it comes down to whitetail deer decoys, movement is the key.

In order to increase your success you should place two or more decoys to your setup. Using unreal looking decoys will greatly reduce your chances at luring these animals; the more realistic the decoys look, the more chances you will have, this is a proven fact. Another important aspect regarding decoys is the placement: it is recommended that the decoys shouldn't face your stand as this may cause other deer to look in the same direction; so angle the decoys broadside to the hunter's position. Use some natural brush or 1-2 branches will but try not to overdo it as it will basically hide the decoy and what is the point of having a decoy if the deer can't see it?

Placing a whitetail deer decoy into a feeding area might do the trick as these animals might calm down once they see the decoy and it is possible that they will come out into the open areas. A very important aspect you must also take into consideration is the safety issue: be very attentive when you carry a decoy! It is highly advisable to cover it with fluorescent covers in & out of the season (especially during the gun season) or while moving through the woods, with other words don't risk your life by exposing yourself as a shooting target.

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